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If we use labels to describe people, they should be helpful for those people, rather than counter-productive. People should be free to make up their mind, and to CHANGE their mind - It is theirs! The fact that experts are so varied in their views means the rest of us are free to Pick-and-Mix what we know suits us best, and to reject what does not feel right.

Do some therapists seem like cult-leaders, strongly motivated by a belief system?

Watch video 'Questions on Therapy & Help' and visit 'Doc Matrix' at http://trubbles.anglefire.com or see his other videos on www.youtube.com/user/theCojent/videos about cults, groups, dissing, pressures that sometimes make people leave home.

www.midground.me.uk - whether a mediation approach can be used regarding memories and allegations of abuse along the lines of Dr Paul Simpson's work in the US 'Project Middle Ground'. See his book 'Second Thoughts'.

How people may reduce the risk of others being violent towards them. And how people with a tendency to be violent may learn to recognise signals and situations and reduce the risk of becoming violent http://whorls.angelfire.com/factorsinviolence.html


Survivorway channel is at www.youtube.com/user/survivorway/videos with videos and Playlists for help in the UK

Problems in Context
- Facebook Group
www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_202251256462161 Often we feel critical of others for behaving as they do, or being as they are. And that approach gets applied to us by others, and more significantly by ourselves! If we are aware of some of the context it is easier to make allowances. This is an open group which anyone can view.

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